Major Product :
EE Precision
RE Precision
RJ Series
UPRN Resistor Net
RM Series Chip
RP Series
CMF Chip
CFL Shunts
BFL Shunts Chip
PFL Shunts
RX27 Series
RX20 Glaze
RXGM-1 -2
RT Carbon-Diaphragm


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   Anhui FengHuang Electron Corporation (FengYang Zhenhua Radio Plant), a joint venture manufacturer for wire-wound resistors and metal film resistors of various series, ranging RX27-1,3,5,6,4H of ceramic resistorsRXGM-1,-2 resistors for vehicles; RX21,RX25 of lacquer wire-wound resistors, RE600 heavy duty wire-wound resistors, RE700 precision wire-wounding resistors and RJ metal film resistors, EE,RE precision resistors/semi-precision metal film resistors as well to reach the annual capacity of over 100 million pieces.
   We can also maker various wiring resistors and power type non-induction resistors according to customers' specific requirements.
   Recently, we keep induction of advanced technology and equipment domestically and intentionally and continue the management improvement to develop the plant rapidly. Our products are warmly appreciated by our customers and we are the appointed supplier to many customers such as Chunlan Group, Jieda Group, Nanfang Group and deliver many resistors for the industries of mechanic-electric, tele-communication, transports, aviation and power supply etc.

   OUR PURPOSE: best product, best serve, jointly create future.



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